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Akha is used by the Akha people in small mountainous villages in China, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and northern Thailand.

1) Ngah ah gah paw yooh kah?

2) Lah gaw ah gah paw?

3) Jeeh Bah ah gah paw daw?

4) Turh paw tah thurh!

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The Akha Heritage Foundation

Matthew McDaniel at the Akha Heritage Foundation is willing to provide other translations in Akha upon request: See the "Contact Us" link on the Foundation's home page

Alternate names for Akha include Kaw, Ekaw, Ko, Aka, Ikaw, Ak'a, Ahka, Khako, Kha Ko, Khao Kha Ko, Ikor, Aini, Yani, Hka Ko, and Khao Yani

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