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Comorian is used on the islands of Comoros.

Shimaore dialect of Comorian, used on Mayotte island (administered by France)

1) Fuko lahangu la havi?

2) Ye laplaji ya havi?

3) Ye bari ya havi?

4) Usu nisike!

Shingazidja Comorian, used on Grand Comore island (part of the Union of Comoros)

1) Le fuko lahangu ngilo ndahu?

2) Ye laplaji ngiyo ndahu?

3) Ye bari ngiyo ndahu?

4) Utsi nisike!

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Alternate names for Comorian include Comores Swahili, Komoro, Comoro, Shingazidja, and Ngazidja

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