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Gullah / Sea Island Creole English

Gullah is an English-African creole used on the Sea Islands and the nearby low coastal areas of the US states of South Carolina, Georgia, and northern Florida.

It shares similarities with the Caribbean English creoles and the Krio of Sierra Leone.

1st dialect/translation:

1) Weh iz my room?

2) Weh iz de beach?

3) Weh iz de baa'?

4) Don' tetch me dey!

2nd dialect/translation:

1) Weh side me room da?

2) Weh side de beach da?

3) Weh side de baa' da?

4) Boy, Don't tetch me deydey!

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Glossary of Gullah Words

Alternate names for Gullah include Geechee and Sea Island Creole English

The four essential
travel phrases in English:

1) Where is my room?
2) Where is the beach?
3) Where is the bar?
4) Don't touch me there!
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