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Hmong is used in parts of China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and the US.

The most widely used method of writing Hmong is the Romanized Popular Alphabet (RPA).
Final consonants in RPA denote tones, not actual consonants. For example, "lub" is lu with a high tone.

In 1959 a Hmong farmer named Shong Lue Yang created the Pahawh Hmong writing system.
He made increasingly more sophisticated versions of the script, of which stage 2 (Phajhauj Ntsiab Duas 2) and stage 3 (Phajhauj Ntsiab Duas 3) are still in use.

Hmong is also written with Chinese characters, Pollard Miao, Thai script, and other writing systems.

Shown using the Romanized Popular Alphabet (RPA):

 1) Kuv lub chaav nyob qhov twg?

 2) Ntug havtxwv nyob qhov twg?

 3) Tsev quav yeeb quav cawv nyob qhov twg?

 4) Tsi txhob kov kuv ntawm qhov chaw kov!

Shown using 2nd stage Pahawh Hmong:

[using Pahawh Hmong, 2nd stage]
Shown using 3rd stage Pahawh Hmong:

[using Pahawh Hmong, 3rd stage]

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Alternate names for Hmong include Pahawh Hmong, and Phajhauj Hmoob

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