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Japanese and dialects

Japanese is used in Japan.

Dialects shown below:  Standard, Amami-Ooshima, Hiroshima, Kansai, Classical, and Old Japanese

top Standard Japanese

shown as normally written:

[Japanese as normally written]

shown with hiragana ruby text:

[Japanese with hiragana ruby text]

shown as traditionally written:

[Japanese as traditionally written]

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top Amami-Ooshima dialect of Japanese

Shima-guchi is used in Japan's Ryukyu region around Amami Ooshima Island.

[Amami-Ooshima dialect of Japanese]
top Hiroshima dialect of Japanese

Hiroshima-ben is used mainly in Hiroshima Prefecture and is similar to its sister dialects in the Chugoku region.
This translation is a southwestern variety of Hiroshima-ben.

[Hiroshima dialect of Japanese (women)] [Hiroshima dialect of Japanese (men)]
top Kansai dialect of Japanese

Kansai-ben is used in the Kansai region of Japan around Osaka, Kyoto, Okayama, Maizuru & Tottori.

[Kansai dialect of Japanese]

top Classical Japanese

[Classical Japanese]

Classical Japanese language information at Wikipedia

top Old Japanese

Old Japanese is the oldest attested stage of the Japanese language.

[Old Japanese]   [Old Japanese]

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Japanese language and dialect information at Wikipedia

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