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Kristang / Malaccan Creole Portuguese

Kristang is a Portuguese creole used by the Kristang people, mainly in Malacca, Malaysia.

(See also Portuguese.)

1) Undi teng yo sa kambra?

2) Undi teng praya?

3) Undi teng bar?
-or-Undi teng kaza di beberaza?
-or-Undi teng kaza di binyu?

4) Nang tokah ku yo nalih!

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Alternate names for Kristang include Papia Kristang, Malaccan Creole Portuguese, Cristão, Cristan, Portugues di Melaka, Linggu Mai, and Papia

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1) Where is my room?
2) Where is the beach?
3) Where is the bar?
4) Don't touch me there!
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