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Ligurian is used in Monaco, Italy's Liguria region, and parts of France.

Dialects shown below:  Genoese, Intermelio, and Monégasque

top Genoese

The Genoese dialect is used in Genoa, Italy.

1) Dovve a l'è a mæ càmia?

2) Dovve a l'è a spiazza?

3) Dovve o l'è o bar?

4) No toccâme là!

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Alternate names for the Genoese dialect include Genoan, Genovese, Zeneize and Zena

top Intermelio

The Intermelio dialect is used in Sanremo and Ventimiglia in northern Italy.

1) Unde l'é a mei stançia?

2) Unde l'é l'assa?

3) Unde l'é u bar?

4) Nu sta a tocamme là!

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top Monégasque

The Monégasque dialect is used in Monaco.

1) Unde é a me' cambera?

2) Unde é a marina?

3) Unde é a büveta?

4) Nun sté a me dá nüia!

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Alternate names for the Monégasque dialect include Monegasque, Munegasc, and Ventimigliese

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Alternate names for Ligurian include Ligure and Líguru

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