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Provençal Occitan

Provençal Occitan is used in part of France.

Provençal dialects shown below:  generic, Alpine, and Nicard
Occitan-related entries elsewhere:  Aranese, Auvergnat, Bearnese, Gascon, Languedocien, Limousin, and Old Occitan.

(Don't confuse Provençal Occitan with Franco-Provençal.)

top generic Provençal

1) Ont es la miá cambra?
[oon es la myoh kambro (French "r") ]
2) Ont es la plaja?
[oon es la pladjo]
3) Ont es lo bar?
[oon es loo bar (French "r") ]
4) Me tòques pas aicí! [me tockes pah i see]

top Alpine dialect of Provençal (also known as Alpenc and Alpine Occitan)

1) Ent es la miá chambra?
[entess la mia tchambra]
2) Ent es la plaja?
[entess la pladja]
3) Ent es lo bar?
[entess loo bar]
4) Me tòques pas aicí! [me tockis pa i see]

top Niçard dialect of Provençal (also known as Nissart and Nicard)

The Niçard dialect is used in and around the city of Nice, France.

1) Doun es la mieu cambra?

2) Doun es la plaia?

3) Doun es la buveta?

4) Noun mi toucas aquì!

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Alternate names for Provençal Occitan include Provençal, Occitan, Prouvençau, and Mistralien

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