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Russian is used in Russia and parts of the former Soviet Union such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine.

Entries below:  Russian, Russian transcription (IPA), Russian transliteration (ALA-LC, BGN/PCGN, GOST, ISO 9:1995, Scientific/Scholarly, and UN), 1800s Russian, and Russian using the constructed Grand Alphabet

top Russian (also known as Russki)

printed Russian:

[printed Russian]

handwritten Russian:

[handwritten Russian]

Language information at Wikipedia and Ethnologue

Writing system information at Omniglot and Wikipedia

top Russian transcription

Russian transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

[IPA for Russian]

top Russian transliteration

Russian transliterations using common "romanization" schemes







ISO 9:1995:

[ISO 9:1995]



United Nations:

[United Nations]

Russian romanization information at Wikipedia

top 1800s Russian

The Russian language, like others, has changed over time. This is what it was like in the 1800s:

[1800s Russian with IPA]

Russian language history at Wikipedia

top Russian using the constructed Grand Alphabet

Matthew Whitaker created the Grand Alphabet to unify the writing systems of English, German and Russian.

[Russian using the Grand Alphabet]

See also English and German using the Grand Alphabet

Writing system information at Omniglot

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