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Russian is used in Russia and parts of the former Soviet Union such as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Ukraine.

Entries below:  Russian, Russian transcription (IPA), Russian transliteration (ALA-LC, BGN/PCGN, GOST, ISO 9:1995, Scientific/Scholarly, and UN), 1800s Russian, and Russian using various constructed alphabets

top Russian (also known as Russki)

printed Russian:

[printed Russian]

handwritten Russian:

[handwritten Russian]

Language information at Wikipedia

Writing system information at Omniglot and Wikipedia

top Russian transcription

Russian transcription using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

[IPA for Russian]

top Russian transliteration

Russian transliterations using common "romanization" schemes







ISO 9:1995:

[ISO 9:1995]



United Nations:

[United Nations]

Russian romanization information at Wikipedia

top 1800s Russian

The Russian language, like others, has changed over time. This is what it was like in the 1800s:

[1800s Russian with IPA]

Russian language history at Wikipedia

top Russian using the constructed CKA3b Alphabet

The СКАЗЬ alphabet was developed in 2012 as experiment to reinvent the writing system for Russian from scratch. Some letter forms were influenced by corresponding Cyrillic, Greek, and Latin letters.

[Russian using the CKA3b Alphabet]

Writing system information at Omniglot and LiveJournal (in Russian)

top Russian using the constructed Grand Alphabet

Matthew Whitaker created the Grand Alphabet to unify the writing systems of English, German and Russian.

[Russian using the Grand Alphabet]

See also English and German using the Grand Alphabet

Writing system information at Omniglot

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