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Dalecarlian is used in parts of Dalarna County, Sweden.

Dialects shown below:  generic, Älvdalska, and Våmhusmål

top generic Dalecarlian

1) Hvar ir met ruom?

2) Hvar ir strandin?

3) Hvar ir barn?

4) Lat wårå mig!

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top Älvdalska

The Älvdalska dialect of Dalecarlian / Swedish is used in the Älvdalen Municipality of Sweden.

1) War ir mett roum?

2) War ir badplatsn?

3) War ir barn?

4) Lat bli mig!

Language information at Wikipedia

Writing system information at Wikipedia and Omniglot

Alternate names for Älvdalska include Elfdalian, Övdalian, Övdalsk, and Älvdalsmål

top Våmhusmål (also known as Vamhus)

The Våmhusmål dialect of Dalecarlian / Swedish is used in Våmhus, Sweden.

1) War i mett ruom?

2) War i strandin?

3) War i barn?

4) Lat wårå mi!

Language information at Wikipedia (in Swedish)

Alternate names for Dalecarlian include Dalska, Dalmaal, and Älvdalsmål

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