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Emiliano-Romagnolo is used in the Most Serene Republic of San Marino and parts of northwest Italy.


1) Anducle' la mi cambra?

2) Anducle' la spiagia?

3) Anducle' e bar?

4) Nu tocmi a che'!

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Alternate names for Emiliano-Romagnolo include Romagnolo, Emiliano, Emilian, Emilian-Romagnolo, and Sammarinese

Bolognese / Bulgnais dialect

used in the Province of Bologna, Italy

1) Duv éla la mî stanzia?

2) Duv éla la spiàza?

3) Duv él al cafà?

4) Brîsa tuchèrm là!

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The four essential
travel phrases in English:

1) Where is my room?
2) Where is the beach?
3) Where is the bar?
4) Don't touch me there!
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