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Hmar is used in parts of the Indian states of Mizoram, Manipur, and Assam (all in northeastern India).

version one:

1) Khawm ka tlungna ding?

2) Vakam khawlam a um?

3) Khawlam Zu zawrna a um?

4) Mi mai nawh rawh!

version two:

1) Ka room khawlam a um?

2) Beach khawlam a um?

3) Bar / Insukhlimna / Thil dawnna ding khawlam a um?

4) Kha lai khan mi tawk naw rawh!

version three:

1) Ka pindan khawlam a na?

2) Kha Vapang kha khawlam a na?

3) Kha Bar kha khawlam a na?

4) Sawlai sawn mi tuoi naw raw aw!

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Alternate names for Hmar include Hamar, Mhar, and Hmari

The four essential
travel phrases in English:

1) Where is my room?
2) Where is the beach?
3) Where is the bar?
4) Don't touch me there!
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