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Idrani was created by Trent M. Pehrson in grammer school initially for secrecy. He continues to develop the language and its writing systems.

Writing systems shown below:  Sipokhi script family (Sipokhi), Ksatlai script family (Ksatlai), Hai Ksulka script family (Lhai, Irik), Hai Tolku script family (Tenguar, Skeryl), Experamental scripts (Cactus, Klarti, Neototem, Selmi, Trukal)

top Sipokhi Script

Sipokhi script is used in all electronic media and is a simplification of Khisipokhi script.

[Idrani using Sipokhi]


1) Ehhuwa'ash rakh u'ho.

2) Isni'ish rakh u'ho.

3) Kalhu'ush rakh u'ho.

4) Tishan ehqabareyu e'he.

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top Ksatlai Script

Ksatlai script is a complex writing systems having features of abjads, alphabets, synharmonic syllabaries, and logograms.

[Idrani using Ksatlai Script]

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top Lhai Script

Lhai script was inspiration by inscriptions seen on the clothing of Vulcans in the Star Trek franchise.

[Idrani using Lhai Script]

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top Irik Script

Irik script was created to be Vulcan in appearance. It was inspired by artwork on the TV series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

[Idrani using Irik Script]

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top Tenguar Script

Idrani Tenguar is based on J.R.R Tokien's Tengwar script.

[Idrani using Tenguar Script]

top Skeryl Script

Skeryl script was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trillogy.

[Idrani using Skeryl Script]

top Cactus Script

Cactus script was named after its appearance.

[Idrani using Cactus Script]

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top Klarti Script

Klarti script was inspired by a cloud formation viewed after a rain storm in 1987.

[Idrani using Klarti Script]

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top Neototem Script Cactus Script

Neototem script is an alphabet that combines syllables into blocks like Korean's Hangul. It uses faces that stack into totem-like creatures.

[Idrani using Neototem Script]

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top Selmi Script

Selmi is based on the principles of shorthand.

[Idrani using Selmi Script]

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top Trukal Script

Trukal is an alphabetic script that uses only four fundamental strokes.

[Idrani using Trukal Script]

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Idrani images and information used with permission from Trent M. Pehrson

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