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Iu Mien

Iu Mien is used by the Yao people in China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, and more recently the United States.

Shown using the new Latin alphabet orthography        
(1984 Iu Mien Unified Script):

1) Yie nyei qongx-gen yiem haaix?

2) Koiv-hlen yiem haaix?

3) Diuv-poux yiem haaix?

4) Yiem naaic mv dungx muoqv yie!

Shown using the old Latin alphabet orthography:

1) yia Eei Qovj ken yem haaij?

2) Kxiq Len yem haaij?

3) tiuq Pruj yem haaij?

4) yem naaig mq tuvj mua'q yia!

Shown using Thai script:

[Iu Mien using Thai script]

Shown using Lao script:

[Iu Mien using Lao script]

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Alternate names for Iu Mien include Ban Yao, Highland Yao, Mian, Mien, Mienh, Myen, Pan Yao, Yao, Yiu Mien, and Youmian

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