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Luo / Dholuo

Luo is used in parts of Kenya and Tanzania.

Dialects shown below:  Homa Bay, Siaya, and an unidentified dialect

top Homa Bay

Translation from the Homa Bay District of Nyanza Province, Kenya.

1) Abila mara/abila-na ere? or Ere kiru-na?

2) Ere dho wath? or Ere wath?

3) Ere od adhing'a/od kong'o/od madho otia/pelele?

4) We reya kanyo?

top Siaya

Translation from the Siaya District of Nyanza Province, Kenya.

1) Ere Abicha?

2) Ere dho nam?

3) Ere od andiwo?

4) We mula kanyo!

top additional, unidentifed dialect

1) Oda ni kanye?

2) Dho nam/wath ni kanye?

3) Magawa ni kanye?

4) Kik imula kanyo!

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Alternate names for Luo include Nilotic Kavirondo and Kavirondo Luo

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