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Napoletano-Calabrese is used in the Campania and Calabria provinces of southern Italy.

Dialects shown below:  "standard" and Potentino

top Napoletano-Calabrese

1) Addo' sta' 'a stanza mia?

2) Addo' sta 'a spiaggia?

3) Addo' sta' 'o bar?

4) Nun me tucca' a chillu pizzo lla'!

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top Potentino dialect

The Potentino dialect of Napoletano-Calabrese is used in the municipality of Potenza, Italy.

1) A ddù se truova la càmmira mia?

2) A ddù se truova la spiaggia?

3) A ddù se truova lu bar?

4) Numm tucca dà!

Dialect information at Wikipedia (in Italian)

Alternate names for Napoletano-Calabrese include Napoletano, Calabrese, and Neapolitan-Calabrese

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