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Ancient Syriac

Ancient Syriac was used in the Near East from around 400 BCE.

It is still used today, mostly as a liturgical language.

shown using Serto script:

[using Serto script]
shown using East Syriac (Nestorian) script:

[using East Syriac (Nestorian) script]
shown using Estrangelo script:

[using Estrangelo script]
shown using Estrangelo script with Western vowels:

[using Estrangelo script with Western vowels]
Latin alphabet transliteration (for reading):

[Latin alphabet transliteration]

Latin alphabet transcription (for writing):

[Latin alphabet transcription]

Language information at Wikipedia

Writing system information at Omniglot

Alternate names for Ancient Syriac include Suryaya, Suryoyo, and Lishana Atiga

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