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Tetun / Tetum

Tetun is used on parts of Timor Island, which is politically divided between Indonesia and Timor-Leste (East Timor).

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Tetun Prasa dialect and Tetun Mix

top Tetun Prasa dialect (also known as Tetun-Dili)

The Prasa dialect of Tetun is used in much of Timor-Leste (East Timor).

1) Hau-nia kuartu iha nebé?

2) Tasi-ibun iha nebé?

3) Bar iha nebé?

4) Keta bók ha'u iha nebá!

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top Tetun Mix

Tetum Mix is used by members of the younger generation who were raised mixing languages at home and with their families.
It is used in and around Dili and draws mostly from Tetun, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

1) Hau nia kuarto iha ne'ebe?

2) Tasi ibun/praia iha ne'ebe?

3) Bar iha ne'ebe?

4) Labele kaer hau!

Alternate names for Tetun include Tetum, Tettum, Teto, Tetu, Tetung, Belu, Belo, Fehan, and Tetun Belu

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